Golf Lessons
Season 2021

Whether you are a novice looking to explore your golf potential or looking to strengthen your game, our team is available for golf lessons. You can call our Pro-Shop to book a time with lessons available from 7am - 7pm everyday. Call to book 819.557.4411 extension 102.

Lessons Cost
1 private lesson (50 minutes) 65 $
1 private lesson (30 minutes) 40 $
3 private lessons (50 minutes each) 160 $
1 group lesson (2-3 ppl, 50 minutes) $50 per person
1 group lesson (4-6 ppl, 50 minutess) $30 per person

Michel Paiement

Michel Paiement is a career teacher. He graduated with a master’s degree in physical education which allows him to integrate the appropriate bio-mechanic principles in teaching the golf swing. A level 4 coach in the national coach’s certification program of Canada, he has participated in two Olympic Games as well as two world championships. A golf maniac since early youth, Michel was a co-owner of the club de golf D’Amos. He has taught golf at the University of Moncton and at the club de golf l’Auberivière, Lévis QC. Michel got his master instructor certification from the United States Golf Teachers Association. He is also a certified BTS (body type specific) instructor.


Dino Payer

Dino has over a decade of experience as certified PGTAA teaching pro. He grew up in the Ottawa region and was heavily involved in competitive soccer, squash and football. He spent the last five years at Mt. Cascades and is very excited to join the team at Gatineau Golf & Country Club. He looks forward to helping you reach your golfing goals and demonstrating his outstanding customer service.